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Steal This Practical Guides To Export Any Products From GhanaThis is the best available simple approach to exporting goodsSome years ago, I was totally confused about exportation business. Little did I know the process can be learned from an experienced exporter. Then, I discovered a comprehensive training which I eventually opted for. Participating in that training marked a turning point for me.Maybe you are experiencing the struggles I once had. You might have read several books on exportation. In fact, you might have enrolled in some training but it end up getting you more confuse, and you could not get started.


We provide 24 hours support to our student to excel in the market


With Our training we provide the best exportation tools that help our student to facilitate their business


We use most experience tutors who take our dear student through the exportation business.




 Nana Danso
Nana Danso
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"Hello Coach Mavis, Honestly, I was skeptical at the beginning thinking this was going to be a scam. But your training has really opened my eyes to this whole export business. I have just set up a 4MT per day Cassava Flour factory and I'm focusing my market on local users.
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"I'm just surprised of all that I have learnt on this platform and I will recommend it to anyone, anywhere. These lessons you have delivered is more than paying for 4 years university education. I'm Shocked, I wish I had this knowledge earlier, I wouldn't have wasted money on certain things.
Richard Kingsford
Richard Kingsford
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I really enjoyed the lessons for the exportation class, this is a total package.
 Mary Kpetoh
Mary Kpetoh
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Aunty Mavis, I just want to thank you so much for all the knowledge and freebies of additional knowledge to help our business. In fact, the knowledge you have given us is more than what we paid for. May God bless you."

Why You Must Join This Class

Demand Of Local Product Aboard

Local market are highly needs in the international market. Due to demand of this local product we assure you 101 return on investment with exportation business

Be Your own Boss

Control your own financial and be self independent. With this Export business will acre you of financial freedom

Ready Market

There is already market for export product. Be exporter make you reach the market in large. In this class we will reveal the most needed country that needs our local products

I have something to tell you.

Everything you are experiencing as regards exporting goods is NOT your fault.
You know, these days, we have a lot of young folks who call themselves guru and most of their training are just theories that is far from practical application.
Luckily for you, the same simple approach to exportation business that I came across some years ago which marked the beginning of a turnaround for me is the kind of training I have taken time to organise for only interested persons in my Master Class.
I am Mavis Ama Abakle,
Founder of Skill Acquisition Centre, Ghana.
I wil be your trainer. It would be a pleasure to walk you through the process in the best simple ways. I will be available to answer your questions. My goal is to ensure you can now export goods successfully.

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FANTASTIC BONUS (for the first 10 people to secure their slot): SMARTPHONE GRAPHIC DESIGN This Course is loaded with well detailed, step-by-step practical videos that will teach you:


Considering all these well loaded benefits, it will not be a bad idea to charge ¢800 for the training. However, I will not charge up to that because I want to help you (FOR REAL). I do not want the price tag to hinder you. So, the actual fee is ¢400 If you want to become an exporter making huge profits, secure your slot right away
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