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Start Career In Importation

Since Ghana is not massive production Company. the demand of some products are high in Ghana”. At our skill training we will take you through how to import  product from other country at cheap price and sell in Ghana.

Over the years we train not less than 800 people in importation business and the result was massive. You can join our training now

Lawrencia Azudawu
Lawrencia Azudawu@username
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Though, I used just a small amount about 75gh to start my training but right now you won't believe the amazing profits I'm getting after I enrolled in the training with Coach Mavis...This is now my own business. I have started delivery to my customers. I started with 1000gh and I made a profit of 8000gh. I have imported goods again and again and again"
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I'm just surprised of all that I have learnt on this platform and I will recommend it to anyone, anywhere...I wish I had this knowledge earlier, I wouldn't have wasted money on certain things."_

Take the lead In Importation

Career Development

Our course help you to build career in importation business and be your own boss


Our training can be access every in the world . This training help can be access with the help of smart phone and interent

Future Proof

Make career in importation business that will long time. With our importation training, you have the skill to build successful future..

Why Import Business

Ready Market

Production is very low in Ghana, thus making high demand of products like cloth, kettles, fridge etc high each day. Shipping products from other country has high demand in the market

Self Employed

The level of employment in the country is very low, our importation training aim is to prepared individual to be their own boss


Demand of foreign products is high in country compel supply, our importation training will equip individual to meet the demand of product in the market

Never too late to learn something new

Mark Doe

Take The Next Step In Importation Business

Looking forward to import product from any part of the world? Join our training to have access to all the tools that you need to import product at cheap price