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Start Career In Exportation Business

There is high demand of local products outside the country. During the past years one reported said’ The level of local products in country likr USA, Italia, China keep increase”. At our skill training we will take you through how to Export product from Ghana to other countries and be your own boss

What Others Are Saying

Florence Deha
Florence Deha@username
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Just after marriage, I didn't have 1ghc on me but later I took a bold step and after I enrolled in your class, I have got capital for my business. Abkmaas, you unlocked the hidden potential in me. God bless you
 Richard Kingsford.
Richard Kingsford.@username
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"I really enjoyed the lessons from the exportation class; this is a total package."
 Nana Danso
Nana Danso@username
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"Abakmaas, your training has really opened my eyes to this whole export business. I have just set up a 4MT per day cassava flour factory and I'm focusing my market on local users.

Take The Lead of Exportation With Abakmaas

Do you want to do Exportation business and finding it difficult to start? Take career in exportation business in Ghana. Start with us now


Our Export training give you access to the tools you need to start your own export business.

Future Proof

Make career in exportation business that will long time. With our exportation training, you have the skill to build successful future.


Our training is flexible and we provide the material needed for you to enjoy better training

Any Where, Any Time

We make it possible to learn at the convenient of your home, any where you are at any time

Why Export Business In Africa


The needs of local local products outside the country keep increasing each day but supply is very low, having export business will make you high profit since you supply to meet the demand

Borden Your Customers

If you have local products but basically sell it in the country, exportation business will help you to reach more at given time and exploits your market.

Ready Market

There's ever ready market for our local product outside the country. Products like Palm oil, Honey, Coconut oil, groundnut are top in the market.

Its Never too Late to start something new


What will You Discover

This course will help you how to export from from Ghana to other country and the kind of product that moves more in the world market.

It will also give you sight of exportation business.

Take the next Step In Exportation Business

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