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This  simple yet powerful business model will help you create your first/next income this year
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We make available tools that enhance smooth learning and share the tools with our students

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We make available tools that enhance smooth learning and share the tools with our students

Expert Instructor

Our tutors are expert in the filed of exportation and guide each students to meet their goal

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Below are what you will come across in the training

List of best shipping companies you can use with cheaper price

Fantastic Extra Benefits For You To Enjoy During This Training:

From Our Past Students

Augustine Mensah
Augustine Mensah
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Coach I have received my first order. Thank you for helping me throughout all these processes. The truth is, everything about the training is very exciting and looking at your personality, you are a wonderful woman, and very passionate in everything you do
Lawrencia Azudawu
Lawrencia Azudawu
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I would like to say a very big thank you for your training and time you had for us as student, though I used just small amount about 75gh to start my training but right now you won't believe the amazing profits I'm getting. I wasn't sure when I first joined the group because I thought I can't make it especially when we started the training but when I went through it again and again I was able to do it myself.🤗🤗 May God continue to bless you for me Coach Mavis. This is now my own business, and I'm doing it for myself. I have started delivering them to my customers, so I started with 1000gh and I made profit of 8000gh. I have Imported again and again and again. Thank you for what you have done for me, I completed University 2 years ago; no job but now, I have gotten something to do for my life.
 Florence Deha
Florence Deha
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This journey was really hard for some of us because of so many things that happened. Just After Marriage I didnt have 1ghc on me. Also, I don't want to be worrying my husband for money that's where some of the disrespect can start from especially if it becomes too much yet he couldnt complain then he will give you attitude... I never belief in anything buying or payment from Facebook because of scammers, but later I took a bold step tapping on that Facebook link and today, after I enrolled in your class, I have got capital for my business. Coach MAVIS, You unlock the hidden potential in me. God bless you.

Who Is This Class For

A student in need of a highly profitable business. You should be doing this.

 A stay-at-home mum who needs a lucrative business that can be done with ease at the comfort of her home. You are at the right place.

A young man who does not have income but desires to be independent. You should pay full attention


Do you know you can resell products you bought from UK, US, Chaina at a very reasonable price in Ghana? During the training, I will reveal the secrets of conveniently making a lot of money with importation. To give you tips of what you would learn, here is a simple way to go about this business:  Whenever you order for products, just subtract the shipping fees and logistics. What you have left is your PURE profit. This is how lucrative mini importation business is

Why You Must Join This Class

It does not require huge capital to start. You can start with as little as Ghc500 and reinvest your profits as you grow your business.

People buy physical products using the internet everyday! There is large market for physical products and it gives you an opportunity to make a lot of money everyday

This ​business model is easy to understand (no need for a technical assistance).
This business model is not complicated at all.
You do not necessarily need experience before you start. Just your readiness and willingness to take action following simple directions.
It is as simple as “buy low, sell high”, with an opportunity to make huge profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start with as low as GH¢500 Even if you don’t have ¢500, I will teach you DROPSHIPING which is the process of importing with zero capital. Just commit yourself to learning and application of what I will teach you.

Mini-Importation is a lucrative business model that can give you high returns of your investment.
Beside that, I will give you some hot products you can easily sell during our Master class

 A phone, an internet access, active browser, and active phone number

 Mini-Importation is a lucrative business model that can give you high returns of your investment.
Beside that, I will give you some hot products you can easily sell during our Master class

You don’t need physical store to import and sell.

4 to 14 days (depends on your Mode Of Shipping)

I will give you trustworthy shipping companies with the best service and reliable Agents

Local courier will get your goods to your door step

The commitment fee is more or less an appreciation fee. After the lessons you will feel like you robbed me with paying such amount.

It’s worth MORE. Almost all my students can testify to that, I over delivered

Well detailed recorded videos, voice notes, texts and illustration… and It holds on Telegram

If you are ready to become a smart importer making huge profits, secure your slot right away
holds on Telegram

About the Importation Business

Mini-importation has now become easier than it was before when you needed a huge amount for importing. This time, anybody with any amount of money can start an importation business right from the comfort of their homes.

That’s Interesting!

I will show you HOW in the forthcoming training. Now, what exactly is MINI-IMPORTATION?

Mini-importation has to do with buying small weight products in bulk directly from manufacturers, getting it shipped into your country at a given location, and then selling directly or indirectly to your target customers.

Facts About Mini-Importation

 You do not need to have a physical store before you can sell


~ You do not need to travel to China, Turkey or USA before you can import. 


~ You can can import and sell all your goods from the comfort of your house.


Over the years Mavis Abakle The founder of Skill Acquisition Centre, Ghana  I have trained several students in all edition of my skill acquisition programmers. With our expert training we assure the best result ever. 
This is the time take chance now

From Our student

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How to Sell your Imported goods on Jumia (and Make Nothing Less Than 10 Sales Daily) – An E-book.

You will discover:

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STOP blaming the government. Take responsibility!
If after seeing these opportunities to create wealth for yourself this year and you are still broke, then you are to be blame, NOT your parent and not even the government.

Warren Buffet said, “investment in yourself is considered the greatest investment with 1000% ROI(Retu Return On Investment).

You can ask anywhere, my training is the most comprehensive, practical and affordable mini-importation Masterclass in Africa.
Now, what do you do after reading this copy

Decide to LEARN MORE from me in the advanced class

Why? Because, this is my field. I have been doing this over the years and I have got amazing results.

I will show you the step-by-step guides during the Mini Importation Master Class.


All you need to do is find Hot Selling Products


After finding the hot product, Import it into the country


Resell it for 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x or up to 15x or more what you bought it. Yes, it is really that simple. If you still doubt that this offer is for you, just take a moment to think: are you satisfied with the level of your daily income?

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