Exclusive Training Reveals The Best Way To Start Soft Drinks Business And Get Massive Sales

From ¢40 To ¢5,000,000 Without Technical Knowledge Exclusive Training Reveals The Best Way To Start Soft Drinks Business And Get Massive Sales Are you tired and upset? 

You’ve test run some businesses but leads to futile? Possibly you are now considering stopping doing business. I understand your concerns because I’ve been there before I was frustrated some years back and but I didn’t give up. I started my soft drinks business with ¢40 and I started producing those none alcoholic drinks, and today I’ve made ¢5,000,000 If I can make it likewise my other students

I believe you too can do it. What you just need is the right information and updated marketing strategies that guarantee you results See, the soft drink market is getting a lot of massive sales here in Ghana and other parts of the world. And that’s to give you a clue that there are possibilities in this business In fact, according to the statistics in the beverage industry, the revenue of the soft drink segment makes up $742,235m in 2021.

Moreover, it is estimated to reach an annual growth rate of 5.41 (CAGR 2021-2025).

About The Trainer

My name is Abakle Mavis CEO of ABAKMAAS COMPANY LIMITED I currently run 12 Profitable Businesses in Ghana. I have trained hundreds of students on how to produce these healthy products and I’ve helped them to get started. (Most of them now produce more and make more money).

About The Training

When you have the right coach by your side who will walk you through the process of manufacturing these Soft Drinks, then the learning process becomes easier. Among the many soft drinks we produce are: Yoghurt, ice cream, mocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, local drinks, popsicles, etc

Soft drink making is a lucrative handmade business that anyone can start with as low as Gh¢40 You don’t need any special talents or any technical knowledge to start.

This training answers all your questions and concerns. And here’s the best part, Apart from training you on how to make these soft drinks, you will still have access to strategies for marketing the products. Our soft drinks are good for human health and you can relish them like anything daily.

The Innovations in our soft drinks industry encompass the development of new tastes, the use of low-calorie formulations, natural colourants, and the addition of proteins and health-appealing beverages. We have your health in mind with the ingredients in producing those soft drinks and that is why the sugar is not much instead, we make it moderate to satisfy the cravings of our customers. You can get access to this fully loaded and packaged 100% video training on How to make Healthy Soft Drinks

Plus, you will learn the marketing chain like… From Manufacturers to Distributors to Wholesalers to Retailers to Consumers And get paid on every order.

One more thing: you will get access to one month of mentorship – 100% guaranteed!

Our Certificated Issued To Our Past Students

In This Special Training Program, You Will Learn



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