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What We Are Know For

Abakmaas Company limited is well known for the following


Export & Import

E commerce

Outstanding Products and Services

Abakmaas Company Limited Has Aim Of Providing Better Services To It’s Customers 

Maas Perfect Glow

Perfect glow aim at providing all types of skins care products to its customer

Maas Nuti Foods

We focused on producing variety of healthy and quality foods like cereals , Baby Foods, Oils, Honey, Sea Foods, Local Foods, to serve the needs of everyone in natural form


Maas Botanicals deals in the wholesale and retail of organic powders, Oils,Teas , Roots, Seeds , cosmetic compounds, cosmetic ingredients sourced from the world's best suppliers

Maas Excellent Packaging & Branding

Maas Excellent Packaging and Branding takes care of your business in term of packaging to look attractive to your customers.

Maas Export

The export business is wide in Ghana, we have the potential of exporting and training ...

Maas Fashion

Maas fashion aim at providing quality and affordable fashion accessories for all genders.

About Abakmaas

Abakmaas Company Limited Established In 2017, officially registered in 2022. Over the years has strived above numerous challenges exuding from all sectors connected to our business, however, we have emerged stronger and better in service and products in the passing years with practical experience.

Abakmaas Limited is into processed foods production, cosmetic production, packaging, fashion, electronics, general merchandise ,supply of export and import commodities.

We wholesale and retail both locally and internationally to individuals, groups, organisations and companies.

We have served and transacted business with millions of people, home and abroad with satisfactory feedbacks.

Our clients and customers rate us the best among the rest because of our outstanding performance in punctuality, quality, commitment , empathy for our patrons and community at large.

Our goal is to serve you better with your optimum satisfaction at heart.


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Abakmaa Business Consult

Abakmaas business Consult is here to help you change your idea into reality. We will help you plan successful business plan for your business
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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide seamless quality service and products for humanity without discrimination.

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What Makes Us Different

Customer Services

We Treat All Our Customers, clients and students with respect and humility and put their concerns first.


We Deliver exactly as we promise,timely ,punctual ,get what you ordered.

Quality Services

We Provide Seamless hustle free ,hitch free service with no excuse, delay or denial in delivery.

Trade Assurance

We protect all transactions between individuals, organizations, businesses and companies with Abamaas Compnay limited if times of delivery are products specifications are contrary to agreement. We refund all proven unsatisfied customers or clients

Quality After Sales Services & Support

Our customers concerns us even after a complete transactions . We offer timely full assistance to our clients after purchase or services if they find difficulty

Five Things Abakmaas Can do For You

We are dedicated team who seek the needs of its customers. taking the prioirty of our customers needs to the top of the road

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